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Habitus Magazine
Project Info

loopcreative were approached by the team at indesign media to create the inaugural habitus pavilion.

the concept is a simple arch, made of trench mesh (rusted sheets of reinforced steel) that will act as a temporary pavilion for a sydney based design magazine at the industry event sydneyindesign. it is located in the australian technology park site at eveleigh. the arch will have sheets of white paper resting on them at alternate spacings on the mesh – a nod to the unwritten pages of the magazine.

we have taken inspiration from some of the unique pavilions around the world such as the kuwait pavilion 1992 expo and the british pavilion from the recent expo in china and the santiago calatrava peace allen lambert galleria in toronto was also a source of inspiration. entrance to the space is via an elevated platform of grass and through a painted shipping container. within the container will be the habitus online digital experience, patrons will walk through this and open out into the habitus interior space (the arch) followed by further progression to the habitus exterior space (the exhibition lawn) punctuating the interior and exterior will be the bar location.

the habitus interior space will house materials and products consistent with the magazine’s identity whereas the habitus exterior space will have an element of whimsy with the washing lines. the hills hoists will be the framework for the curated readers submissions of their vision of the ideal home. there will also be flooring will be herringbone timber, there will be a bar, a dj etc, sound and light projection plus lots of people misbehaving and all round general reverlry.