Infinity @ Sydney Tower
Infinity @ Sydney Tower
Project Info

On the grand first floor of Sydney Tower sits Infinity: a fine dining experience in the sky.

The brief from client Trippas White called for a sophisticated setting for discerning, worldly gourmands based locally and abroad. Infinity extends on the original site’s legacy as a cornerstone of Sydney’s food scene, with a contemporary outlook and elevated culinary offering, placing Australia on the plate.

Elevator doors open to a sophisticated arrival space, where a tantalising glimpse of the movement and conviviality within is visible through a wall of smokey quartz-tinted glass blocks, by Obeco. Upon arrival, guests are greeted at a polished concierge desk in Artedomus’ Concordia stone, from which point they are escorted to their table on one of two levels. The lower terrace provides semi-private dining space to host up to 16 guests, while smaller groups of between two and eight are seated above, in a spatial plan which provides diverse dining configurations.

An atmosphere of indulgence is achieved through a carefully curated palette of deep royal purple carpeting, white marble table tops, dark-stained timber and rich leather banquettes. Gold metal accents punctuate this wonderfully moody environment, echoing the warm lustre of the building’s anodized exterior. Seating is uniform throughout, with the understated brass and solid timber of the upholstered Stellar Works Utility Chair U chair providing an elegant, comfortable perch to sink into. Low key lighting design, featuring Euroluce’s Atollo and custom pieces by Darkon, imbues the space with a glamour and a sense of theatricality.

This level rotates slowly, enabling diners to gradually take in the full 360 degree view as their meal unfolds. With luxe interiors designed to meet the site’s matchless vantage point, Infinity is set to become a contemporary classic among Sydneysiders and visitors alike.

Written by Sandra Tan

Photographs by Robert Walsh